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ABCD Therapy & Consulting, LLC

Mental Health Care for All

Hello! Welcome to ABCD Therapy & Consulting!


We are an agency which centers you as the expert on your experiences, your needs and your care. Our clinicians provide mental health care through telehealth services to clients living around the world as well as in the US states of Georgia, Florida, Iowa, Maine, New Jersey, Arkansas and Virgina. 

We are specifically focused on providing mental health care to underserved communities including queer and gender diverse folx, refugee and immigrant households, adolescents, those experiencing self harm and suicidality and survivors of racial, ethnic, religious and sexual trauma. We are an agency deeply committed to issues of racial and social justice in the US, globally and in our own mental health practices. 


Hi! I'm Dr. Clayden and I started ABCD Therapy & Consulting, LLC with the goal of offering mental health care services to everyone, not only communities who have historically  been served. In recent years, the world has grown increasingly complex, unknown and uncertain. ABCD offers you the opportunity to find your space, your self and your community in a world that often does not make sense. We also provide educational services to agencies, communities and businesses to support mental health of employees, clinicians, administrators and clients.

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