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Mental Health Care Services

Refugee, Immigrant and Asylum Seeker experiences

We provide culturally and linguistically appropriate mental health care for individuals and families with lived immigrant and refugee experiences. We also support cultural brokering opportunities. Our agency was first created to support these communities as our founder is an internationally recognised researcher and mental health provider for these populations. 

Complex trauma, PTSD and intergenerational trauma

All of our clinicians are highly skilled in trauma care and support, and work extensively to engage clients working to heal from or to identify trauma and its impacts on your life. We believe in your ability to heal, and in the difficulties that are part of the process. We walk alongside you in this work to ensure you know you are not alone as you endeavour to heal.

LGBTQIA+ communities, including gender diverse folx

Our agency is focused on providing quality, affirming care to individuals who identify across sexual attraction and gender diversity spectrums. We support people who live in these spaces as well as families, parents and partners. We have clinicians on staff who also identify within this community. 

Cultural, Racial & Intergenerational Oppression

As an agency, we are committed to working with all folks to address established and ongoing oppressions and traumas of all kinds. We have clinicians specially trained in trauma care. We support folks of the Global Majority in building a process for their experiences of and exposure to intergenerational and present cultural, racial and religious trauma and violence. We also aim to support white folks in creating and enacting a process for guilt and grief linked to cultural trauma.

Survivors of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

Multiple clinicians on staff specialise in mental health care with individuals of all ages and genders who have experience child sexual abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence. We provide high quality care to both survivors and to impacted family, partners and friends. 

Life Anxieties & Transitions

Anxiety, depression, grief, loss, and anger management are all experieneces that arise throughout life, often linked to change or transition, both small and large. Experiences of fertility, loss of child, and caregiving for parents are also complex experiences many people struggle to make sense of. Our clinicians are strongly skilled in addressing all of these mental health needs and they work to provide support and concrete skill building for you to use in your day to day life and to decrease symptoms and distress. 

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