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Community Education

ABCD Therapy & Consulting, LLC provides high quality, up-to-date and research-based education on a variety of issues business, non-profit organisations and mental health professionals experience. These include but are not limited to:

*clinician burnout

*secondary trauma for professionals

*narrative therapy and why it works

*non-suicidal self injury in children and adolescents

*mental health care with culturally and linguistically diverse communities

*white supremacy structures in mental health care practice

*caregiver burnout, care and prevention

*the role of whiteness in mental health care settings

*whole family care with LGBTQIA+ youth

*mental health care with refugee clients

*suicide, high risk students/youth and providing quality care


ABCD Therapy provides a variety of consulting opportunities including:


*clinical supervision

*clinician consultation groups

*clinician support groups

*using interpreters appropriately in mental health care

*racial justice in mental health practice

*culturally appropriate mental health practice

*agency revitalisation planning

*embedding intersectional and non-colonising structures into organisational planning

*racial identities and your mental health practice

*assessment of employee skills, needs and concerns

*ongoing employee mental health care

*white supremacy culture characteristics in agencies

*up-skilling staff in managing high risk situations (i.e. suicide, self harm, trauma, domestic violence)

*building and maintaining your own mental health private practice

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